Purushavani – Volume:1 Issue:2

January – February 2015


3 Responses to Purushavani – Volume:1 Issue:2

  1. Gokul.P.R says:

    Keep up the good work team… we have a long way to go, until the sentinels of legal terrorism are vanquished to the restrains they deserve, for an extermination sentence or a confinement till eternity!

  2. Anant Deshbhratar says:

    Thank you to the team, you are doing it for all. Because of our females we are witnessing this time that we seek support of organisations to keep ourself save from women. It feels supportive as a human but somewhere it kills a men inside us that we need support to protect ourself that too from a female. But still mens will manage to put the correct full stop on it. Long way to go, hard time to come.
    Keep going, we are with you…..

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