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Sub: Ensure ‘Inner-party Democratic practices’ in Political parties to produce better quality political leadership.

Ref: Submission on the subject by ‘Great India Trust’, on 31-8-2010 & that of (1) June 2002, (2) April 2010 and (3) May 2010 

I, ………………………                                                   ………….                        …………., am concerned by the ever degrading vicious quality of our political leadership. We also share the views and concerns expressed on it in the above referenced submission by ‘Great India Trust’ that:

  • Negation of Inner-party Democracy’ and its substitution with undemocratic manipulations such as ‘Nominations and Consensus’ etc… to expropriate positions of power by the political Caucuses/Dynasties, their kin & Lackeys are the only cause for degradation of quality of leadership in our political parties.

Such undemocratic expropriations promote and perpetuate dynastic tendencies, and invariably promote tainted lackeys and sycophants only in leadership hierarchies. It deny us, who refuse to associate-with/become-a-lackey-of any prevailing political caucus, the freedom to dream and the right to contest for the positions of political power in political parties of our choice.   

If democratic forces of ‘Inner-party competitions and elections’ are let free to manifest fully – unhindered and un-manipulated’, it would attract fairly virtuous persons to political parties and promote most competent among them into party leadership hierarchies, purge the not-so-competent and would keep political parties and leadership-hierarchies ever rejuvenated as has been proven beyond any logical doubt in other functioning vibrant democracies.

So we request the Commission to fulfill its duty of ensuring unhindered and transparent ‘Inner-party democratic competitions and elections’ in the political parties registered with it; and to ensure that our ‘Freedom to Dream-of’ and ‘Right to Contest-for’ political power are not denied by the vested interest groups/caucuses/dynasties by high-jacking the inner-party elections to expropriate positions of political power between themselves.

We also request the Commission to formulate standardized regulations and practices common to all political parties… to be followed by them in their internal functions irrespective of its ideological variations and ensure its strict and transparent implementation. 

Yours truly,

Dear patriotic reform activists…


Please join the campaign to restore ‘Inner-party Democratic contest and elections’ in political parties by signing the attached letters.


It is great that Internet has connected all of us, all concerned about the state of our society’s degradation. Though we have different perceptions about cause and the remedy … our aim is same: A ‘Great India’. So it is in our common interest to extent mutual help… if that help would not harm our own core reform activity.


Great India Trust gives primacy to remediation of ‘Degradation in the quality of leadership’ in our political parties. (Please note we are not talking about the elected representatives or Government, PM/CM etc.., but just the political parties). Because we identify this degradation in leadership as an AIDS like ill which cause or aggravate all other ills and frustrate reform activities such as anti-corruption, poverty alleviation, better education, anti-communalist, etc…


‘Great India’ efforts to improve quality of political leadership is in the interest of all other reform activists also as it would help achievement of their individual goals easier.

So we earnestly request all reform activists to extent as much support as they can to make our effort a success. They can do it without any adverse effect on their present reformation activity. Immediate help we request is:


·          Sign or Get signatures of your members and friends on a hard-copy/print-out, on your own letter heads – if possible, of the letter to Election commission, attached herewith, and return it us at postal address: Sudhakaran Cheravattail, Great India Trust, Narayanamangalam, P.O. Pullut, Pin – 680663.

(NRIs… Please use your Indian address as far as possible)

That letter is supposed as suplementary to the original submission we make.

·          Alternatively you may send a hard copy, duly signed, directly to the Election Commission….If you decide so mention it on a copy and send back to me.  

·          Forward the mail and its attachments to as many friends and friendly organizations as possible with a similar request and introduction.


We appreciate your help. We need to send as many copies as possible. That is very much important in our scheme to salvage our beloved Mother Land from this ridiculous and moribund degradation… To dismantle artificial barriers erected against the ‘competent and virtuous persons’ entry into political leadership, and to clear the road for the competent to stake claim to appropriate leadership positions, to enable such persons to challenge reigning leadership (as Obama could stake his claim and win against a lot of democrats – especially against Hillary at the end) … against the current practice of being subservient to the caucuses/dynasties and beseech for and be satisfied by the crumbs of political power doled out for serving them.