Other Family & Men’s rights NGOs in Kerala

1) Janamithram Janakiya Neethi Vedi

(active in some districts of Kerala)

Contact: Gafar Khan(Pathanamthitta)- 9142464636, Mr.Paramanandan – 9947953640,

email: mdgafarkhan@gmail.com & janamithram1@gmail.com


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  1. Akshay Abhinandh says:

    At the present social condition in India; especially in Kerala; the organisations like these are very relevant. The men are also exploited by some ladies. The legal benefits and the social support are going to women side always. There is no significance for justice in these types of cases. It should be interrogated and stopped through the reasonable and proper fight.

    Best Regards.
    Akshay Abhinandh.

    • gokul says:

      Where r u from Akshay, we need wellwishers like you by our side, do contact anyone of us to join us.

      • Nina says:

        that is so true…..starting toburle is a very bad virtue. There have been a milion ideas on our minds burnt off at initiation stage itself, only to find someone else doing it profitably

    • khan says:

      Your opinion itself is (welcomed and) considered a great support to the struggle to end this most un-accepted law man has ever penned-whatever may be the intention behind! anyone affected/defected by this can be a member of any one of the several orgs spread all over india.

    • Ramachandran T.M. says:

      We have to unite and jointly protest against these kinds of legal advantages misusing by women’s. Kerala we have 100% literacy and females are also coming up in all the fields like Men’s. New women protecting laws may be use full for the states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana etc because those states females are still not coming up much but the situation in Kerala is totally different from those states.

  2. Sankar Narayan T.K says:

    Was it indeed in the minds of our forefathers at that time that a separate law for the the protection of women in our country was essential in the name of protection . when women were looked as symbols of worship….now to become a subject of hatred …?Why this Kolaveri, Kolaveri,Kolaveri………di?

  3. sathish says:

    It is high time to launch nation-wide organizations raising men’s rights. Nowadays if an issue arises between a man and a woman everybody inculding some men(really they are boot lickers) will stand with woman without inquiring whose fault it is. The greatest misnomer “male female equality” now means giving everything_ whether deserved or not_ to women and denying everything to men_whether deserved or not. There are pletny of laws favouring women in our constitution and there is no law favourable to men.Can it be called a constitution which is blindly favourable to women. In our country doing sex with a girl below 18 years old _ though with her consent_ is a crime always punishable for man. But any girl below 18 year old can seduce as many number of men as she wants and can also act licentiously sexy scenes in cinemas and other shows below 18 years. Being sensible human being can you find at least a single trace of justice in this.
    So it is highly admirable to be bold on your part to launch organisations to speak for men.
    We all expect great wonders from you in near future.

  4. kevin says:

    Well done. We need strong men right organization to fight for our right. at present all the laws d.v, dowry, rape, maintenance, reservation are women centric and consider man as born criminals. All over world men is lagging behind in every field. All the funding and all the empowernment for women only and nothing for man. Coutry like india where 60% population are below poverty line and millions of uneducated how can they empower one gender only. We canot empower one gender only alianating other gender. The reason behind the crime rate increasing in india is there is no programme for man, no counciling, only make draconian laws to punish him. all the laws are making women centric because politicians think it will increse their vote bank. They want man for their criminal activities and consider man as granted. Unless we unite and fight for our rights more dracnonian laws will be implemented against man.

  5. Shanoj PS says:

    I like to be with you what should i do for that.Also my friend is being tortured by his wife giving a divorce petition for the last three years Can you help him in any ways.

    Shanoj PS
    PH: 9447067230

  6. Pareed Kutty says:

    Very glad to know the services for men. It is essential in Kerala now. The law is exploited by the women to harass the man. We must join together against this. I am a person in the process of divorcing my wife. I may also need the support of you if things turns in a bad way in the divorce process. I have already received threatening from wife party.

  7. Geeta Reddy says:

    I know it seems odd me sending a mail on your site being a woman but i need your help and guidance for my cousin staying in wellington, nilgiris,tn.
    To start with I stay in Pune while my cousin brother stays with his family in wellington.He is 34 yrs old and married for 2 yrs (arranged). Our extended family stays there for generations, they are very simple people but with a very large heart.
    My cousin has been married to this girl she also works in the factory as he is but their duty time is different.She is a pampered child since she has been married most of the time she prefers staying in her mothers place since it is closer to her work place while her married house is 30 mins distance but whenever she stays here she doesnt get involved in the household activities nor get together with the family. But the family has never made a big issue of this and let her be on her own. While my aunt does all the work and treats her like a daughter. Last week as usual in the morning she informed my cousin that she would be going to a place called Mettupalayam with her friends and will not be going to work, my cousin was fine with it and since he drops her always to work he offered to drop her to the bus stop but she refused but he insisted as he wanted her to be careful since this place is 2-2 1/2 hrs distance from the house. He wanted her friends nos. just incase of emergency but she refused he found it odd. then he left her at the bus stop and found none of the friends there, she replied that they would join her later but after few mins the bus started and nobody joined in and there was only 1 male passenger in that and she sat next to him. My cousin felt odd and followed them to the next stop and when the bus stopped he caught them together and brought her home but when she came home she denied knowing the person etc…
    Her parents were called & informed about it but they denied & took away the girl while her cell remained with my cousin in the chaos. At night the male passenger called her & thinking its her started speaking to my other sister in law about the afternoon incident. That girl while leaving with her parents said she didnt want to stay with the cousin and wanted divorce my cousin filed a case mentioning the incident giving the proof about her phone calls since the other guy had almost given more than 100 missed calls by then.

    Now the story is my cousin is been forced to stay with her by the pressure from her side since her family has some influence in the police as they have said they would file a complaint against his mother and sister on charges of harrassement from them.
    My cousin is not intrested in staying with her as he has caught her red handed and
    also doesnt think she will be loyal to him but has accepted to it since he has been pressurised or his mother and sister will be jailed.

    Do you know a way how he and his family could be helped ? What are the ways in which it can be done? Please guide and also they are not internet savy people.

    Awaiting your response at the earliest.
    Thanks and Regards
    Geeta Reddy.



  9. I wish to join with this organization. I can share lots of cases where innocent men got punishment by wicked women by misused the laws for protection of women.
    Wake up and unit as early as possible to prevent the exploitation of Law.

    My contact no is 971501524701.
    Adv. Benoy Sasi, B.Sc,MCA,LL.B.
    India & UAE.

  10. sibin says:

    please pressurise indian govt to allow child care leave to male central govt employees also and avoid discrimination against men. Please treat this with highest urgency to uphold dignity of men in india.

  11. sibin says:

    Please block 50 % reservation for women in panchayaths and other local bodies in india. This is very unfair to men in india.Please treat this with highest urgency to uphold dignity of men in india.

  12. Xavier says:

    It is indeed sad that even after so much effort from men’s organisations like yours , laws are increasingly being made against the interests of men. Even with so much of data available of abuse of laws like 498A and the DV act, more and more such laws are being enacted. It could be only due to either money or political pressure.
    Unless this flow of money to the woman’s ’cause’ is limited and exposed will there be any change. We may also have to vote out governments or threaten them with voting out to stem these inhuman activities.

  13. Antony says:

    The western countries are the main promoters of feminism and now same people are struggling with anti male laws and getting worse in day by day. The same situation is going to happening in India. What we are really doing is to split in a small group and posting blogs on individual group. I found FB its self 100 of groups with minimum 500 members and no unity. When it’s come to feminist they are united and we are blaming others for our own weakness. Now start to think about unity of male groups with common interest to protect male from anti gender law.

    Time to tell the all world, we are not against the female; we are fighting against anti male law and misuse.

  14. Ameeta nair says:

    Please could someone come forward and help us. Our son and we are being harassed by our Punjabi d I l because he has asked for a divorce she has filed sec tion 498 against all of us and every month we are forced to go to Pune in spite of being innocent. Is there anyone who can guide and help us out of this situated

    • ragendth says:

      Hi ,

      I am going to be a victim of the same..Recently my wife logged a complaint un the 498a saying dowry harassment and didnt treat her well. I am basically from palakkad..I need help

  15. KM Bhaskaran says:

    Please let me the procedure to become a member of this great organisation. Further I do have a wonderful experiment as how my lady love cheated me after enjoying my bread and butter for 35 long years. When I retired she vanished with her son in law with police escort as she knows that further there is nothing more to extract. Idiotic rule and “MERA BHARAT MAHAN’. If I have a rebirth I do not want to be a part and parcel of this nasty country. For any crime there should be evidence backed by sufficient proof. If a lady says something that becomes sermon and the court take it as granted. Who made such idiotic rules? Government should consider his name for inclusion of highest civilian award of this country in the next Independence day.

  16. It is the right time for all Indian Men to awake and alert against the injustice done to all Gentle men by the Law makers of India for getting women’s vote by introducing new amendments in IPC 354. It is a prejudiced law giving super power of all women. There is no law to protect gentlemen from wicked women. The latest victims for the misuse of this law includes Mr. Justice Ganguli, Mr. Abdullakutty MLA, Mr. Peethampara Kurup MP etc and so many other ordinary Gentlemen who lost their reputation, dignity and so on. Tomorrow any man can be a victim. Be aware, awake, alert and unite to make protest against it!.

  17. PMM Shareef says:

    I had been trying to start an NGO based at Thrissur such as PaSS since my arrival at my home town after my 23 years’ service abroad. Meanwhile, I came to know that there would be a meeting of PaSS at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, Thrissur on the last Saturday. As soon as I heard this news I attended the meeting and became the member.
    I utilize this opportunity to wish all the office bearers. I also promise that I will try my level best to serve for the deserved with the great support of you. Thanks.
    With regards,

  18. Jebin says:

    My friend had a relationship with a girl,she wanted to have sex but he never promised to marry her.They both had sex several times,the girl badly wanted to marry him.While he refused she started blackmailing that she will suicide on several occasions.Later on she and her family filed a case against him that ‘ he promised to marry me and then forced me into sex'(rape case).Its been such a difficult time for him and his family.Now his family has taken the case to High court (in hope of quashing the case),while the boy has not yet surrendered to the police so far,he is somewhere far and safe.What if the High court judgement goes against my friend(boy)?.Do he have any other option?.Can he file a case against the girl if the case gets quashed ? Pls help..

  19. Anuvendra R Mori says:

    Respected sir

    My self Anuvendra Mori from Vadodara Gujarat I m suffering from a big problem. I’m describing it in detail. Two years ago i was Marride with Bhavika… nd at that time we both were studied. After the marriage some time her behavior is just like unnatural. And Obvious there is some kind of small problems are create in between every Married couple and they sorted out it.. but in my case if i was try to solve it the reply from her side is “if u tell me anything I’ll hanging my self”.. isn’t it fare?? From last two years she told me so many times to hang her self.. even i can’t consented on my study but still i was manage it nd completed my M.sc… nd Before 2 months i got some shocking news nd it was she had a affairs with some of her college guy.. so i decided enough is enough bcz i m also human nd i can’t bear it anymore. Nd me nd my family Decided that to live our home nd go to with her Mom Dad… but now she file case on me & my family for claim of 17lacks case nd food for her till she will about 60.. you knw about the india law sir.. now what can i do plz suggest me because I’m totally confused.. sometime i thought to hang myself and live this bullshit but because of my family i can’t do it… plz sir i need your help..

    Anuvendra Mori One of the man who suffering from indian law which was in favor of her.

  20. p s Krishnan says:

    I am working in Oman Ministry of Defence, My wife had sexual relation with 3 Nos Young men. I am aged 50 years and she is 10 years younger than me. 1 year ago I filed a divorce suit in Ernakulam family court. Last April,2015 I came for leave, before finishing my leave she complained against me in the Local Polistation under IPC Cr. 498a. she left my home on 12th february, 2014. My advocate asked me to leave the country immediately. Next day I reached Oman. now my problem is I want to go home. I had not done any domestic violence even when she had done adultry. What to do further.Can you help me.I have two sons. Elder son is staying with me and he is the prime witness.she and her family have money power and influence also. I have no relative to support me. please help me sir.

  21. Prasad M says:

    I need help

    My wife has filed a maintenance case in Palakkad and she is from Nemmara. In that petition, she has mentioned that she is not working, but I have a serious doubt about her working status because in Coimbatore case (where I filed divorce case), she mentioned working, but did not tell about the working place and the counselor did not ask. Can anybody help in this matter.

    Also she mentioned in the counter-petition in Coimbatore that I took away her 19 soverign gold whereas she only took that gold while going to her native place after 1 month of stay with me after marriage. We stayed together only for that 1 month. How can I prove that I do not possess her gold. She only has her dresses, some glasses, 2 plates and a steel wardrobe at home. she is doing all these to prove her that she is not a psychiatric patient. I have the proof to prove she is a psychiatric patient.

    Do not know how to face these allegations.

  22. Mohan says:

    it is a must. i have experienced this myself in my life. In my company itself i experienced it. A greedy female employee had this crooked ways of getting undeserved benefits in the form of extra leaves, leaving early to home putting burden on others including me etc etc. She too on several attempts tried to create unnecessary disturbances for me by tempting junior girls to make a mockery of me for which i had to retaliate which resulted in me facing the wrath of my managers.Unfortunately me being unmarried because of some chronic health problems & personal preferences didn’t help either.Eventually this torturing became one of the main reasons to resign from that company.But that female employee was seriously punished by GOD by being her husband taken away from her in an onspot accident. This happend just 4 days before the date i had planned to leave the company.Infact i too wanted some serious loss to happen to her be it some 10 lakhs rupees of her getting stolen or some thing like that.This is because i felt so humiliated and ill treated and was boiling inside.But sincerely didn’t want this tragedy to happen to her.On that fateful day GOD made her cry in front of me when i visited her house that evening. One of the another reasons is the tragedy of my younger brother.His marriage is almost to end in divorce and is in court.It is almost 14 years since he has married.His wife’s parents tried to separate him from my parents & me thru temptations & all other brain washings. They accused we four for all the short comings of her, her inability to adjust to our house, her hesitancy to do atleast some house work etc etc.My brother being a confident IT professional & a non henpeg at first made a lot of adjustments to cope with all these. Finally when his wife got a job thru illegal political hold of her corrupt father,then the tought of her being more financially independent & the brian washing support of her parents made her & her parents demand my brother to live in her home entirely and that she will no more come to the ground floor of my existing house which was entirely alloted for my brother and his family to live. My brother didn’t oblige to their demand.He waited a few more years but yet no result..Finally he filed a case. The case is still going on.In return those arrogant , egosih people have made all false allegations against us including house harassment, some 1 crore taken from her as dowry(the truth i swear in the name of GOD, we didn’t ask even a single penny as dowry.Those cheaters at that time willingly gave a few ornaments to their daughter & even those were taken back by that jackal father 1 or 2 years after the marriage.)My old parents had to go to court hearing for false allegations of homely harassment several times .Court found that my parents were not at all guilty . Now my family is experiencing the humiliation & pain of all these things. My brother’s family life is destroyed. Even if he get a divorce after a few more years will the court or the culprits compensate for the time loss? This has prompted me to hate this creature called ‘modern women’. So based on my experiences i am telling we males must & must fight for our rights against this greedy wicked creatures called ‘modern women’.

  23. Mohan says:

    i would say one more thing, having seen my self the lives of 2 gentle men i know.One is of 72 years old, now living
    single while his wife who is almost 64 is still having relationships with other men.For that she is living far away from him
    in a single house of her giving no care to him at this old age.She has always been like this… highly exhibitionist, having
    a few illegal relation ships with other men etc etc ever since their marriage.Even the poor man was betrayed into this
    marriage because he came from a relatively wealthy family and she came from a very poor family. She exploited him for his
    wealth and doing such immoral activities based on that,against his strong contempt.This man is of such a noble character
    that i have never seen him even smoking a cigar in his entire life. I have come across several times this man’s grievance
    regarding the carefree attitude of this woman,but what benefit?

    Another example is that of a very distant relative of mine who was also a very nice man.He went to gulf to earn a living
    and sent money to his wife. She , who was having a job engaged in some illegal affairs.His close relatives informed him
    about such activities of her thru mail.But he didn’t believe at first because he was such an innocent minded person.All the
    while he was sending hard earned money to her .But when he arrived for leave , he found the events to be true. He appealed
    for a divorce and the court agreed with him. By that time that wicked creature had extracted fair share of his blood in
    the form of gulf money this poor man was sending and all the while she was engaged in sex relations with other few men.
    After that his relatives made him marry a very poor girl. But that too was an evil creature.This man again went to gulf and
    started sending money to this second creature.She was having an illegal affair with her already existant lover.She used all
    his gulf money to build a new house.What more to say that too ended in divorce. That creature is having a life with her
    lover now.One incident relating to this that happend was that some 7 years ago my ‘father’s younger brother'(chittappan)
    approached my younger brother to let this poor man(who was my chittappan’s wife’s brother) to allow to live in a partially
    damaged house(still some what good for a person to live) in my brother’s property .He was returning to his native place after
    a long long time. All the while his 2nd married life was in turmoil and case was going on in the court.This chittappan’s house
    was only some 1 km away from this property.So my brother was surprised because this poor man could comfortably have stayed in
    chittappan’s house itself. But chittappan replied that he has an arrest warrent regarding dowry case filed by the 2nd
    creature & her family and that he has to stay away from the public eye as much as possible during his stay.Note his misfortune
    and injustice towards him.That creature didn’t have any wealth at all and this poor man didn’t ask for any money either.
    All the while he was sending hard earned money to this nasty creature too which she exploited to the fullest and after that
    made false dowry allegations against him.

    Like wise is the fate of several men off late.Such men are fighting lone battle with no body to help.Myself a loner & my brother
    whose marriage is to end in divorse sooner are examples.It is high time we need to strongly resist these hyenas for our survival.
    We men have to unite strongly & fight against injustices done to us.We have to resort to taking arms even as the final resort

    • mradmin says:

      Please attend our International Men’s Day rally on Nov 19 evening at Thrissur Round. Contact 9633409355 for more details

  24. Sunny George says:


    Will u help my brother by giving your pathanamthitta phone no (kerala)

  25. Saeed Karamath.p.p says:

    Hi , sir can i know is this group us for protection for male who is suffering from unwanted case given by their wife with lots of lies . I’m suffering now with a case given by my ex.wife she had submitted a file on family court with lot of lies written about me . Can i get help from u .or any other communities plz help me where should I contact for it.hope I can get reply before 14-3-17 bcoz my first hearing is on 15-3-17 my mobile number 9744482266 . My case is at Kalpetta family court

  26. sajesh says:

    i was married last year now i have a child i am working in gulf . my wife not coming to my home back before leaving from my home she take all her gold back without anyone knowledge her parents want to stay in there house . i cant leave my old parents and go to stay with her. now they are telling me they will file divorce case and ask for all gold .
    what i want to do please tell me. now a days i cant able to sleep properly . i afraid they file case against my parents too .. please advice me i am staying in near vadagara.

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